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Symmetriq is an end-to-end SaaS-based Omni Channel Revenue Management Platform for media publishers.

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Five Benefits of Advertising Order Management System for Publishers Ad Sales

Digital advertising and sponsorships are a big revenue stream for most of the publishers. The adtech eco-system is complex and is fast changing. It includes subscribers/audience on one side, and on the other individuals across various businesses from advertising brands, advertising agencies, and media buyers. Keeping track of all the operations and the relationship between each of those and how they are connected can be a real challenge, and managing them in multiple disconnected systems can be a daunting task. With Symmetriq advertising revenue management platform, every department from sales, ad operations, finance to delivery teams – has access to the relevant data in real-time, to collaborate and grow revenue efficiently.

Unify inventory across channels to streamline advertising sales

With Symmetriq Order Management System, unify all your inventory across media properties and channels into a single platform so that the sales team does not have to worry about the underlying complexity and focusses only on selling products driving top-line revenue growth. 

Set up approval workflows to ensure products sold at the right price

The sales process is typically complex and involves multiple back and forth between the client and the publisher before finalizing the media plan. You need to set up approval rules so that no product is accidentally being significantly undersold or oversold. It also helps you to set up approvals rules to ensure the products are sold at the right price so that the sales team does not go into discounting the value you are offering to your customers. 

Manage multiple rate cards by the seasonality of your business

Your products/inventory becomes more expensive or cheaper based on market dynamics and also based on your market. To optimize the pricing of your products, you need to be able to set different pricing and manage all of them in an automated way so that your sales team does not have to refer to multiple sheets when responding to RFPs or working on proposals. Symmetriq platform enables you to manage multiple rate cards seamlessly with workflows configured to hit only if specific rate cards are being used.

Define and manage your product catalog based on your evolving business needs

As your organization grows, your product catalog also keeps evolving as per market requirements. As a publisher, you need the ability to manage your product catalog across media properties and channels in a single system so that you can track which products are being sold more actively and at what price points to optimize for high revenue yield. 

Comprehensive Bookings, Reservations, and Inventory Management 

Ad Sales have become more complex as the digital advertising ecosystem has evolved to include programmatic in addition to direct ad sales. Overlapping audience targets, the importance of privacy laws, new device platforms, and programmatic selling have complicated the process of quantifying, pricing, and selling digital inventory. With Symmetriq, the process of managing your digital, ott, and traditional inventory a lot easier, simpler, saving you time, money, and most importantly, sanity. 

About Symmetriq

Symmetriq is an Omni Channel Advertising Revenue Management platform allowing you to unify inventory, manage quote to cash, and maximize revenue across OTT, Digital, Linear, and Print in a Single Cloud-Based SaaS Advertising Revenue Management platform. Symmetriq was born out of the need to provide tools, technologies, and platforms to enable media companies to manage and run a profitable advertising business. Our omnichannel advertising revenue management platform is built natively on the cloud leveraging the latest web technologies with the scale being the primary driver without compromising security and compliance that has become paramount in the current privacy-first world. With Symmetriq, you can:

  1. – Scale your ad sales 
  2. – Streamline your ad operations
  3. – Reduce your leaky revenue bucket
  4. – Get complete visibility on your revenue
  5. – Manage multiple rate cards as your business scales
  6. – Customize your product catalog based on your business requirements
  7. – Measure the health of your advertising business in real-time

We help leading publishers across the globe manage their complex advertising business in a single platform enabling them to run a profitable media business. For any queries, please reach out to [email protected]

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