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Symmetriq is an end-to-end SaaS-based Omni Channel Revenue Management Platform for media publishers.

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Streamline Ad Operations & Campaign Management

It is no secret that advertising is the lifeline for most of the publishers to generate revenue. All publishers big or small needs to execute on the advertising sold through direct channels or through programmatic means. The team that executes the sales orders or insertion orders and ensures that client creatives are shown to the right audience at the right team is called the Advertising Operations (AKA ad ops, ad operations, adops, online ad operations team). 

With the increased complexity in selling advertisements through multiple channels, the manual intervention to increase revenue has increased. In Ad Tech, the ad ops team works for both the buy-side and sell-side. Both teams work together and ensure that the required objectives are met on both sides. In this post, we will focus primarily on sell-side (publishers). The publisher’s Ad Ops team’s primary responsibilities are listed below. The below sections are further grouped and explained in a little bit more detail. 

  • Input the sold insertion orders into one or many ad servers used by the publisher
  • Ensure the campaigns are served to the audience based on the conditions set by the advertiser/agency
  • Set up targeting for the insertion orders to reach the right audience at the right time
  • Optimize the campaigns to ensure that all campaigns get the required impressions/clicks/actions as agreed upon in the insertion order
  • Manage the campaign and keep a continuous track of them and update the client on progress
  • Share the delivery data with internal and external stakeholders for other functions including invoicing and reporting

Key Functions of the Ad Operations team


Involved pushing campaigns or setting up campaigns in the ad server, monitoring, and delivery across ad exchanges, tracking third-party ad server tags, and verification tags from different vendors, and also troubleshooting when necessary. A person who is involved in performing the above duties is called an Ad Trafficker.


It is not only essential that campaigns are set up in the ad server but also the timing of when those ads show up also plays a major part in the success of an ad campaign. Depending on the client’s requirements and other campaigns actively running, some campaigns are greenlit for certain hours a day, certain days of the week, and others for different conditions. This entire process is called Ad Scheduling.


Ad placements can make a significant difference in ensuring that the contract objectives are met. Ad creatives need to be optimized and updated according to the latest IAB standards. Depending on the website structure, some sections in the website will yield higher conversations and may suit better for ad displays that others. As a part of optimization, traffickers keep updating the different variables available within their toolbox to ensure that campaign objective are met without cannibalizing other campaigns. 

Yield Management

In essence, everything that the ad operations team does all centers around one and only thing – increasing revenue. The team or a person who manages and owns the yield aspects looks at various opportunities to increase revenue via advertising using different levers. The entire aspect of increased advertising revenue for a publisher is called yield management. Depending on the publisher’s business structure, yield management can be either part of the ad operations team or a standalone team.

Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.

– Leo Burnett

A successful ad campaign means different things for publishers and advertisers. Publishers want to increase ad revenue by keeping their user experience flawless, deliver the right advertisement that does impact their brand, and ensure that the ads are contextual and clear. 

Advertisers look to reach the right audience, show them a great ad, ensure their ads brand-safe, viewed by real human beings, and convert them. This is where Ad Operations on both sides perform their tasks, creating strategies to satisfy their objectives.

Without the Ad Operations team, publishers’ ad inventory would become stagnant—boring layouts, unsafe environment, and bot takeovers. Hence, the ad operations team is an integral part of the publishers’ ecosystem.

About Symmetriq

Symmetriq is an Omni Channel Advertising Revenue Management platform allowing you to unify inventory, manage quote to cash, and maximize revenue across OTT, Digital, Linear, and Print in a Single Cloud-Based SaaS Advertising Revenue Management platform. Symmetriq was born out of the need to provide tools, technologies, and platforms to enable media companies to manage and run a profitable advertising business. Our omnichannel revenue management platform is built natively on the cloud with the latest web technologies with the scale being the primary driver without compromising on security and compliance which has become paramount in the current privacy-first world.

We help leading publishers across the globe manage their complex advertising business in a single platform enabling them to run a profitable media business. For any queries, please reach out to [email protected]

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